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Why Choose Shalom ?

"We at Shalom International, Japan, are a proud exporter and distributor of high quality vehicles and spare parts. We also purchase new and used vehicles within Japan at competitive rates. Call us now to make your vehicle dream a reality or to purchase high quality spare parts at the finest rates."

日本のシャローム インターナショナルは、高品質の車両とスペアパーツの輸出業者および販売業者として誇りを持っています。また、日本国内の新車および中古車を競争力のある価格で購入しています。あなたの車の夢を現実にするか、高品質の車を購入するには、今すぐお電話ください。

  1. Many Used Cars for sale

  2. We have a lot of  Certified Vehicles


Sri Lankan born,  founder of Shalom International, Vimukthi  has always had a passion for Japanese manufactured automobiles. He pursued his studies in the IT field after his highschool education and migrated to Japan whereupon he completed the necessary qualifications required for him to thrive in his passion for the Japanese automobile industry. Once he graduated from his school in Japan he began his company and is now successfully carrying out it's operations. His goal and dream is to expand and extend his reach to other countries across the globe.


スリランカ生まれ、シャローム インターナショナルの Founder  兼創設者であるヴィムクティ チャトゥランガは、常に日本製の自動車に情熱を注いできました。彼は高校教育の後、IT 分野で勉強を続け、




Esoft Metro Campus


TBC International  Japanese Language College 

ESOFT Metro Campus is a private sector educational university  located in Colombo, Sri Lanka. It offers academic and professional qualifications in Computing, Business & Management, Engineering, . Established in the year 2000, 

In TBC Japanese language College  always think from the perspective of students what kind of Japanese language they need to make a good relationships in various places such as in a company and Business environments. Course includes TOEIC and other important exam preparations 


国際テクニカルデザイン 自動車専門学校


I国際テクニカルデザイン 自動車専門学校

TBC International Technical Design College is located in Tochigi prefecture , Oyama.

It offers students to  learn about maintenance for both automobiles and motorcycles from the basics to the advanced level. With practical training-centered classes for every department, students will be able to acquire the qualification as automobile mechanics and at the same time, learn skills that will be helpful in various activities in the automobile industry.

Our Happy Clients

We want to thank you and your staff for your excellent service and the constant “can do” approach to satisfying customer needs.
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